Since the long term cooperation is our main objective, means that our services must be perfect, communication must be efficient, but we can also be flexible in aspects of the business which are important to you.
In one place you can get all classes flight tickets for a wide range of destinations, high class hotel reservations, professional transfers, entrance fees, registration fees, sightseeing, and other types of programs such as team building or incentive travel packages that have exceptional dynamics and offer impressive experience.
Landmark Travel has extensive experience in organizing trips to professional conferences in the country and abroad. We are also capable of organizing seminars, airport meet & greet, conferences and various other forms of lectures and meetings for business purposes.

Successful business of your company depends on good teamwork, so the challenge for management is to make teams work well together and to motivate employees to achieve success together.
Our team building programs are diverse and competitive. Programs include activities for your employees which can show you stand-out features of employees essential for the assessment of personality and their part in creating a successful team. Among standard programs, we also offer adrenaline programs like paintball, archery, climbing walls and orientation (orienteering) and search for hidden treasures, Tara rafting and many others. Participation encourages the development of team responsibility, develops problem-solving skills, adaptation to new situations in business and in life and improve the quality of work in general.
Incentive is a global management tool that uses an exceptional experience of a journey to motivate and praise the participants for an increased level of work and effort that they have invested in achieving goals.
In creating incentive programs we consider the nature of activities of the company, interests of participants, sex and age structure, and numerous other factors. The effect of such a trip is of great significance for employers, creating greater loyalty to the company and motivation for greater contribution, especially after exchanging impressions about the trip. Employees, on the other hand, driven by the reward will try to accomplish a new business success, due to the fact that his work is appreciated and from the desire to be awarded again next year with a new incentive program.